Divorce is war

Find the fight within

You’re a dad who’s ready to build a post-divorce life his kids will admire, but you’re not sure how to start

Surviving divorce isn’t enough

Take control and shape all areas of your new life with intention

There’s almost zero support for men battling a divorce.

You’re pummelled, stripped of wealth, autonomy, respect, momentum, and dignity. Everything good is replaced with bitterness. But survival isn’t enough. Some men spend the rest of their lives wrapped up in post-divorce bitterness, so they pass that negative energy on to their kids.

 I want you to know you can write a different story; one that’s respectful of yourself and your kids. You can ditch the bitterness, stop biting emotional hooks. Be the calm centre so you’re a self-led man.

I help men navigate their divorce ethically so they can use it to get stronger, and feel good about themselves while doing it.

Divorce DADDY, what?

Daddy is an energy — exceedingly rare in today’s world — sorely needed.

Daddy energy keeps his loved ones safe and challenges them to grow. He’s in control. He provides. He’s powerful yet safe. Strong yet vulnerable. Capable and present.

Daddy protects his kids and makes women weak in the knees. Men want to be him.

You have daddy energy. I help men like you uncover it.

Hi, I’m Jeff, owner of Divorce Daddy

My name is Jeff. I’m awake now. For a long time I lived in a fog. Those were dark days.

A toxic marriage evolved into an even more toxic divorce. I was thrown into a fight I wasn’t prepared for. I lost. A lot.

I was slandered. I left my home with nothing but the clothes on my back. For a time, I lost access to my kids, but still had to pay for my ex’s pool.

Life didn’t make sense. I felt hopeless; lost in the dark.

I had a choice. I could either become a victim or learn how to win.

I chose to win.

I now have a great relationship, a strong bond with my kids, a strong brotherhood, I’m living my purpose, building a legacy, all while in a beautiful city.

I created Divorce Daddy so you can follow the same path.

Read my story.


Jeff is not just a divorce coach for men; he’s a beacon of resilience and transformation. 

Having walked the walk himself, Jeff intimately understands the tortuous journey of divorce. 

His extensive experience shines through as he compassionately guides others through their own upheavals. What sets Jeff apart is his ability to not only empathize but to empower. He doesn’t just offer sympathy; he equips his clients with tools and techniques to harness their pain and transform it into personal power. 

Working with Jeff is not just a decision; it’s an investment in one’s own growth and resilience. If you’re considering taking that step, hesitate no more; Jeff is the guide you’ve been searching for.

Doug C

We might be a fit if…

  • You’re in the throes, or the aftermath of  a divorce and you are feeling angry, frustrated, emasculated, or numb. This event, it washed over you, seemingly coming from nowhere and you’re left devastated wondering what even happened.
  • You love your kids and would do anything for them. You know they’re the ones hurt most of all in this ugliness and you want to spare them as much pain as you can. You don’t have to see them every day to be a great dad. It’s about quality over quantity.
  • You don’t subscribe to The Red Pill, or its derivatives. It may have served its purpose in your story, but its time to move on now.
  • You are open to doing the difficult emotional work. I don’t mean sitting in a circle crying, but you’re done stuffing your feelings down and pretending you don’t have any. Divorce is a war fought on many fronts, and you’re probably losing in the emotional front. Learning to be non-reactive to the onslaught is a huge advantage.
  • You might be stuck on the couch unable to move forward with your life. Not for a lack of trying, but because you don’t know where to go from here. You might have thought you did things right the first time. You followed the instructions on the box, but instead of a delicious cake, you ended up with an ugly ball of resentment that’s eating up all of your time, attention, and money.
  • Probably most important, you’re tired and you’re ready to move on. Enough is enough. This situation has consumed enough of your life and you’re tired of missing out on grand adventures.

Does it seem like we might be a good fit?

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