Meditation Cave

Awareness isn’t something we own; awareness isn’t something we possess. Awareness is actually what we are.


Join the meditation cave

Sundays: 10am EST

Most of us have been conditioned to engage with the world primarily through the lens of the thinking mind. We’ve been programmed to focus on what’s outside of us: our financial situation, how others perceive us, concerns about our family or career, the political landscape, environmental issues, social challenges, and so on.

As our attention constantly flows outward, many of us experience a sense of disconnection. Meditation provides the opportunity to redirect our focus inward, to reestablish a connection with our entire being, including our physical body, and our intuition.

The sittings may be guided or silent.

There is no cost to attend the Meditation Cave.

Make sure your audio stays off.
Turn on your camera if desired.
Arrive when you can, stay as long as you can.