Meet Jeff

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and found my way into tech.

I liked tech. Some even said I was good at it. While tech definitely scratched the logical side of my spirit, life felt hollow and incomplete.

I wasn’t in control of my life. I went where the highs and lows took me. I didn’t have the tools to navigate life’s storms.

Life has a way of teaching you the exact lesson you need to learn. My teacher knocked a few times, but I always ignored it. One day it arrived in the form of a nasty divorce. It was a pain I couldn’t run away from.

I was now facing a people problem. I wasn’t prepared. I had built a life that understood logic and technology, but was lacking a deep understanding of people. 

Rather than escaping, I made the decision to face it. This was the decision that changed the course of my life. As a result, over time, I became more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Challenges shape us. They teach us lessons we need to learn. We shouldn’t wish them away, but use them as an opportunity to make us stronger.

I started asking deeper questions about my own life, pulling at threads looking for bigger and bigger answers.

Those questions lead to me to work with mentors like Lise Janelle, Genya Klaiman, Caroline Dupont, and ██████ ████. I have studied leaders like John Demartini, Joe Dispenza, and Adyashanti.

Having found the answers to some of my big questions, I’m continuing to build a genuine life without compromise.

Join me.


My reactions to life’s events have also evolved significantly. Things have happened around me recently, instead of an emotional response to the issues. I process it, understand it, able to jump straight to solving issues with a clear mind. Although, emotion still come in waves. I’ve learned to channel them constructively, approaching them with logic and acceptance. It is not a suppression of an emotion, but an understanding and accepting them, acknowledging that life has its ups and downs, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m now able to see things from a zoomed-out view. I can analyze situations from a broader perspective rather than only from my viewpoint. It helps me to sense different things in advance in the future and deepen understanding of human psychology in general.

Another insight is that understanding that there is a negative and positive for everything. Life itself is neutral. It’s our perceptions that often color it otherwise.

Lastly, understanding how been in touch with nature can be tremendously empowering. The fact that when I walk into the woods, the breath of fresh air, the birds chipping is extremely relaxing. It put myself back into center, able to think clearly for the next move, and ideas come to my mind more frequently.