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This toolkit was created from my own experience in moving past my toxic divorce into a life I love. It involved me taking full ownership of my emotions and actions by building up my areas  life brick by brick.

help and support


Meditation provides the opportunity to redirect our focus inward, to reestablish a connection with our entire being, including our physical body, and our intuition.

The sittings may be guided or silent.

There is no cost to attend the Meditation Cave.

Join me every Sunday at 10am (Eastern Standard Time)



Coaching and support for fathers going through a divorce
What you’ll get:
✅ My best strategies for turning your pain into meaning. You will get access to resources and strategies for dealing with the difficult
✅ Bi-monthly coaching calls. Get support from other men who have been where you are.
✅ Support from a community of fathers


This is one of the services I wish I had when going through my divorce.

You and I will speak for an hour and discuss turning your current situation to your advantage.

My work is rooted in emotion, assigning meaning to them so we don’t experience despair.

These sessions will help you to explore the meaning behind your suffering.

Jeff helped me start feeling like my old self again. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me, and that I can become the best version of myself, as long as I keep putting in the effort necessary to make that happen. Who we truly are always remains within us, we just lose sight of our Selves sometimes. Looking deep within myself revealed the path back to health.

I’m grateful to Jeff for his time and commitment to me, and I highly recommend that you speak with him. You won’t be disappointed.


My reactions to life’s events have also evolved significantly. Things have happened around me recently, instead of an emotional response to the issues. I process it, understand it, able to jump straight to solving issues with a clear mind. Although, emotion still come in waves. I’ve learned to channel them constructively, approaching them with logic and acceptance. It is not a suppression of an emotion, but an understanding and accepting them, acknowledging that life has its ups and downs, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m now able to see things from a zoomed-out view. I can analyze situations from a broader perspective rather than only from my viewpoint. It helps me to sense different things in advance in the future and deepen understanding of human psychology in general.

Another insight is that understanding that there is a negative and positive for everything. Life itself is neutral. It’s our perceptions that often color it otherwise.