If you’re reading this page, you’re wanting to explore booking a one-time, one-on-one coaching session with me.

You and I will speak for an hour and discuss turning your current situation to your advantage.

This is one of the services I wish I had when going through my divorce.

Please read the following to make sure that you understand the offer.

“Despair is suffering without meaning”
–Victor Frankl

My work is rooted in emotion, assigning meaning to them so we don’t experience despair.

Being able to assign meaning to suffering is a super power.

These sessions will help you to explore the meaning behind your suffering.

An Example

The following is an example of what these sessions can do.

A client felt angry when he was ordered to pay support than he reasonably felt he should. He felt like his worth as a father was reduced to a monthly stipend.

He lived in despair. He was bitter, angry. Low energy.

Through our call, he started to how paying support to his ex kept the peace. I asked him if he’d rather pay the money, or keep her at arm’s length.

“I’d much rather pay her to leave me alone. This way I have the time and energy to make more money”

As a result, he stopped fighting his emotions and had a lot more energy. He focused on making more money; more than enough to cover the support.

About Sessions

  1. No legal advice or therapy. I am not a lawyer, nor do I pretend to be one, nor do I play one on TV. I will not offer you legal advice beyond “consult your lawyer”

    I am also not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist and I won’t be able to offer any of their services including prescribing medication.

    What I am is a coach. The difference between coaching and therapy is that coaching is focused on the future, while therapy focuses on the past and diagnosing. I am here to offer you a new and more profound way of looking at your life.

  2. No pity parties. These sessions are intended to get you out of your head, and emotions and into action. Action creates our new life. Sitting in emotions keeps you stuck.

    The most satisfying Strategy Sessions are those where clients are ready to accept their role in their situation, and they’re ready to say goodbye to that part of their life.

    If you need to emotionally vent and “be heard” and to verbally process your state of affairs, I bless that and suggest you go elsewhere to friends, family or a therapist. You’re paying me your hard earned money. My commitment is that you get value for that. If I sense that you’re rambling beyond what’s needed, I will interrupt you, cut the thread and invite us to move on. An hour goes much faster than you’d think. I’m not intending to be rude but deeply respectful of your investment of time and money.

  3. No bashing. Generalizations aren’t true, they won’t move you forward and they’re not helpful. Let’s get specific on your situation.

    I coach from a place of bringing you to assertiveness. This means you want the best for someone else while respecting yourself.

  4. Please be on time. I will wait for five minutes, but after that, your session is forfeit. If you’re not going to be able to make it or think you’ll be late, please cancel or reschedule your session 48 hours in advance.

  5. I will ask a lot of questions. As in the scenario above, I will do my best to help you to uncover the root of your suffering. It will be highly specific to you, your situation, and your moment in time. Thus, I will ask a lot of questions. Some might seem basic. Some might make you feel uncomfortable, and make you squirm. Some might seem to paint you in a difficult light.

    In order to get to the bottom of your dynamic, I need to understand your current dynamic, where you want to get to, and what each person is bringing to the party. This takes some digging.

  6. Come with reasonable expectations. I cannot help you to find a solution to your entire existence.

    If you are coming with great expectations, please don’t book a session. What I can offer is the very real likelihood of modest but meaningful progress in whatever you bring.

    My target for a strategy session is one specific, powerful insight. The right insight, for the right person, at the right time can change a life. Often, the right insight has a cascading effect into other areas.

    If you want to go deeper, please consider my 1:1 coaching plan. I work in 6-month increments. For more information, reach out via my coaching website.

  7. I might share elements of your story.

    One of my main inspirations for coaching are the conversations I have with clients. I won’t share any details that might give away your identity. I won’t share anything that I think would hurt or undercut your situation. But I will likely share the broad strokes of, “I had a client who came to me with this question and here’s what we came up with.” This isn’t a confidential, therapeutic relationship. I’m just a divorce coach. If I think that there’s something from our conversation that could be useful to the world, I’ll be sharing it.

  8. One of the recommendations I might have might be to do the work in the membership.

    A divorce, and building a life afterwards is a marathon, not a sprint. The membership is designed to provide support throughout the process.

    The goal of my membership isn’t to keep you around for life, but to provide the support you need while you need it. My job is to coach myself out of a job.

A Strategy Session Might Be Right For You If…

You feel like a victim and you’re ready to let that go. The core of my work is turning those moments when you feel like a victim into opportunity.

You need a change in perspective. If suffering is a choice, then making the decision not to suffer will free up energy for your future.

You’re ready to move on. Enough is enough. This situation has consumed enough of your life and you’re tired of missing out on grand adventures.

You are open to being humble. By doing the work, you realize that you are contributing to a dynamic. In order to change it, you need to own your role in it.

When you take ownership of your role in a dynamic and you’re genuinely ready to let go, this is where the magic happens.

Wow, what a call I just had with Jeff

Jeff helped me identify that my next move on the money chessboard is neither High nor Low. It’s a Move that will get me closer to Victory.

Huge mindshift for me in becoming more at peace with myself. He has helped to open my eyes in recognising that I should not get too high with the highs in life and to recognize the lows as pure uppertunities to get back up and build momentum to my goals. 

I’ve made a lot of extreme moves in life but now I will be more consistent persistent. 


Jeff helped me start feeling like my old self again. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with me, and that I can become the best version of myself, as long as I keep putting in the effort necessary to make that happen. Who we truly are always remains within us, we just lose sight of our Selves sometimes. Looking deep within myself revealed the path back to health.

I’m grateful to Jeff for his time and commitment to me, and I highly recommend that you speak with him. You won’t be disappointed.


My reactions to life’s events have also evolved significantly. Things have happened around me recently, instead of an emotional response to the issues. I process it, understand it, able to jump straight to solving issues with a clear mind. Although, emotion still come in waves. I’ve learned to channel them constructively, approaching them with logic and acceptance. It is not a suppression of an emotion, but an understanding and accepting them, acknowledging that life has its ups and downs, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m now able to see things from a zoomed-out view. I can analyze situations from a broader perspective rather than only from my viewpoint. It helps me to sense different things in advance in the future and deepen understanding of human psychology in general.

Another insight is that understanding that there is a negative and positive for everything. Life itself is neutral. It’s our perceptions that often color it otherwise.